This order may be subject to quality surveillance/verification at your works by the prime contractor or his representatives to verify that purchased product conforms to specified requirements. This verification shall not absolve the supplier of his responsibility to provide acceptable product nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection.

Inspection conditions are require for this order

1) A certificate of conformity is required.

2) A full mill certificate is required.

3) BS EN 9001

4) Release to AS 9100

5) NADCAP release required.

6) To notify Drurys Engineering Limited of any non-conforming product within 24 hours.

7) To notify Drurys Engineering Limited of changes in product/process definition and, where required, obtain approval.

8) To provide right of access to Drurys Engineering Limited, our customers and regulatory authorities to all facilities involved in the order and all applicable records.

9) Agree to flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including key characteristics where required. NOTE: Prior approval must be obtained from Drurys Engineering Limited in advance.

10) Inform Drurys Engineering Limited of any obsolescence of material/process or product supplied or requested.

11) Record retention requirements of minimum 25 years apply to this order, unless stated otherwise.

12) Disposition – approval must be obtained from Drurys Engineering Limited for the disposition of any non-conforming product.

13) All requirements of this contract may be subject to GQA. You will be notified of any GQA activity to be performed signed on behalf of Drurys Engineering Limited.

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