At Drurys Engineering we are committed to ensuring we provide a service that is second to none. All of our machining is undertaken in-house, and our relationships with quality second tier suppliers means we are able to undertake specialist operations such as fine-limit grinding, spark erosion, honing or deep-hole drilling. The same applies to surface treatments, where your requirements for anodising, painting, polishing and many specialist finishes can be accommodated. 


From large batches to fine tolerance 1 off parts, our turning section is flexible enough to meet the needs of our customers.  Our experienced machinists use turning centres to produce the sort of quality components synonymous with Drurys Engineering.  We use state of the art machinery including live tooling and twin spindles to complete turned and milled parts in a single cycle.  Our speed and accuracy makes us highly efficient and cost effective.


Utilising the latest machinery our milling section combines the engineering and programming skills of our machinists with the latest cutting tool technology.  The results are machined components of the highest quality, from small engine fittings to large enclosures.  Our 4 and 5 axis capabilities ensure that our clients have few limiting factors to consider in the design phase of their products.

Wire EDM

We utilise a versatile form of Electrical Discharge Machining within the business.  This allows us to produce different machining paths from top to bottom of components allowing for draft angles and the formation of complex geometry’s in ultra-hard metals.

Assembly Room

Our dedicated assembly facility ensures that we can deliver a complete range of value added components.  Kits of parts both manufactured and purchased can be supplied with a variety of packaging options to suit the application.  Electro-mechanical assemblies can be supplied complete and tested to your specification, with both simple and complex assembly work undertaken.  

Production Engineering CAD / CAM 

Solid works 3D CAD software is utilised to allow us to perform powerful modelling and aid in the visualisation of complex assembly design. Cost evaluation can be undertaken quickly to place control at our customers’ fingertips as early as possible in the development process.

Mastercam and Pro/Engineer wildfire allows for the generation of complex 3D tool paths for machining custom shapes e.g. aerodynamic wing profiles. This can be accomplished quickly, with the minimum of effort. The software also allows us to integrate our customers’ 3D models, which are used when working on prototypes or urgent work, and can remove the burden of producing a full technical drawing prior to commencement of manufacture.

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